Mar - 15 2016

a pair of hiking boots

HIKING BOOTS: GORE-TEX TECHNOLOGY There is no doubt that Gore-Tex technology is the best when it comes to designing hiking boots. Gore-Tex hiking boots technology enables manufacturers to design waterproof as well as breathable products that can be used under different weather conditions. With the help of best minds on the planet, companies used this […]

Feb - 03 2016

Gore Tex Jackets

Not so long ago, keeping warm in cold conditions meant wearing many layers of sweaters. But snow jacket technology has come so far that even lightweight modern fabrics can keep you warm and dry when it matters. It can be difficult trying to discover what separates a good snow jacket from one you should stay […]

Dec - 10 2015

snowboard boots

In boarding, the most important part of the set up is the boot. It is on the boot that everything for the success of the exercise rests upon. Snowboarding should be fun. Your feet are the most important factor here and all efforts should be geared towards making the feet comfortable during boarding. Snowboard boots […]